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Welcome to St Maries (2018) - Digifish Film and Animation


War Comes to York (2014) - Digifish Film and Animation

Watch the film

History of York AV Spectacular (2010) - Iso



A Chocolate Story (2014) - Glass Cannon


A heart-warming animation based on a true story. At Christmas in 1914, all York men serving in the armed forces were sent a decorative tin full of Rowntree's chocolate. This film follows the confectionery's journey across the Channel to the Western Front; and back again! Written by students at Joseph Rowntree School, animated and directed by Glass Cannon Animation and with an original score by Millie Raw Mackenzie.

Watch the finished animation


Talking Heads: Animating Constantine (2013) - Biomation

This animation depicts the story of the marbel sculpture of emperor Constantine which was found in York, the city where Constantine was declared Roman Emperor in 306. The animation was produced by film production company Biomation ( and was made by Year 10 students as part of Genesis, a York Museums Trust programme of creative interpretation projects for 14-24 year olds.

Watch the finished animation

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