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The Peace Museum


KS2 School Workshop and Outreach Development

The Peace Museum in Bradford explores the history and the often untold stories of peace, peacemakers, social reform and peace movements.   The Museum aims to inspire through the objects in its collection and learning activities for all sectors of the community; posing questions about equality, diversity, cohesion, peace and non-violence.  The Museum wanted to expand its Primary School programme, through onsite school visits and outreach workshops.

Four new cross-curricular workshops were devised using the Museum’s unique collection of artefacts and the personal stories of peacemaking they revealed. 

Amy worked with museum staff to identify artefacts and resources for sessions.  Structured teaching plans, teaching resources, risk assessments and teacher notes were included in a comprehensive package.  The sessions were trialled with a local school and museum staff trained to deliver the programme. Amy also advised on schools marketing design and communication strategies.

I was delighted to be present when the Museum launched their brand new programme and showcased the workshops, at a special teachers evening in early July. Bookings for the new workshops have already started to come in ahead of the new academic year and it is lovely to see the Peace Museum going from strength to strength and sharing its message with school pupils, through its unique collections.

Everyone Comes From Somewhere - a history based workshop, exploring  the personal stories of children arriving in Britain during the Kindertransport and Bradford's history as a place of refuge.

Peaceful Citizens - a workshop exploring what peace is, how it feels and how we can endeavour to be peaceful in our everyday lives. The sessions was linked to Citizenship and British Values.

Caring for Our World -  a science based workshop encouraging pupils to think about how we can all look after our environment.

The Art of Peace - an art workshop exploring symbolism and communicating through art, based on the work of local artist peacemakers including David Hockney.

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